If you’re like many people in and around Chicago, you have a criminal record that’s hanging over your head. Maybe it’s prevented you from getting a job, stopped a landlord from renting you a place to live, or even made a lender turn you down for credit.

But you’re not the same person you used to be – even though everyone seems to be holding your criminal record against you.

We think you deserve a fresh start, and you may be eligible to get one through DIY criminal record sealing.

What is DIY Criminal Record Sealing?

Do-it-yourself criminal record sealing is a process. At the end of the process, the items on your criminal record are private. That means almost nobody can see them – certainly not possible employers (except those in healthcare, law enforcement and the military), landlords or creditors.

Not all cases are eligible for sealing, but many are. Here’s a quick list (and you can find a complete list, plus learn about expungement in our free DIY criminal record sealing e-book).

Records you may be eligible to seal include:

  • Arrests and charges for misdemeanors and felonies that didn’t lead to a conviction
  • Felony traffic offenses that a judge reduced to an eligible misdemeanor
  • Convictions for most misdemeanors and felonies (although in most cases, you must wait at least 3 years from the date you complete your sentence)

There are some things you can’t seal from your record, such as driving under the influence, domestic battery and dog fighting – but if you’re not sure about what can come off and what has to stay on your record, you can call our office for a free case review.

How Do You Seal Your Own Criminal Record in Chicago?

You can seal your own criminal record in Chicago or you can hire an attorney to do it for you. It’s a lot less costly if you do it yourself, but it’s more work.

If you choose to use our DIY sealing service, you’ll get instant access to everything you need to clear your name, including:

  • All the court forms you need for any jurisdiction in Illinois (including special forms for Cook County)
  • Instant access to step-by-step instructions (both written and video) for filling out and filing court forms
  • Tips to help you make the process easier
  • Legal guidance for specific situations
  • Access to an attorney for questions about your case

When you want to seal your own criminal record in Chicago (or anywhere else in Illinois), you need to fill out and file the right forms, as well as provide the right supporting documentation. We can tell you exactly what you need, and we’ll be here to answer your questions every step of the way.

Ready to Seal Your Own Criminal Record in Chicago?

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